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Hey, I'm Karen and I'm here to help you and your little one sleep so you can wake ready to start the day instead of dreading it.

Is your child waking frequently, staying awake, fighting sleep, can't self-settle. Are you sick and tired of holding them and being needed all day and night?

Let me solve these issues for you, my approach is science based and my support is very hands on. 

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'Karen has changed my life! My 6 month old has always been inconsistent and rarely had good nights. He would wake between 12-2am most nights and not properly resettle. I didn't think it would get better until I found Karen and everything changed within a week. She is so supportive and he has now slept through the night which I never expected at this age. Karen has a lovely manner and made me feel confident with what I was doing. Her service was tailored completely to me and my child which I really appreciated. Thank you Karen x'


Jean & Blair 6 months old

'Working with Karen has been fantastic and I can't thank her enough for her support. My 9 month old daughter would only fall asleep on the breast and waking 5-6 times a night. Within a week Karen has helped me to set a nap, feeding and bedtime routine which was tailored to my daughter. My baby is now able to self soothe without being fed and doesn't want the dummy either! I would recommend Karen to anyone struggling to get some much needed sleep!'


Catriona & Charlotte 9 months old

'Karen has changed my life, when I first contacted her I had a 9 month old who would only sleep on the breast or in my arms, having 2 older children under 5 meant I was doing what I thought was anything for an easier life when in fact i had created a sleep association that I felt I was never going to break. Within a few short days of communicating with Karen I was quickly able to see where we were going wrong and what needed to be done. I can't believe it. The confidence and the freedom that I have now as a result of Karen's guidance has been invaluable and I can't thank her enough. Highly recommend to any tired parents looking for friendly, clear and educated help'


Kayleigh & Seoras 9 months old


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