Karen Miller

Mummy of two girls, sugar & coffee addict. 

Lover of Netflix, evenings without kids and SLEEP!

Hey Guys, I'm Karen and I LOVE sleeping, the difference between how I feel and how I parent after a good night's sleep Vs a bad one is HUGE! If I have less than 7 hours do not come near me unless it's to bring me coffee or sugar!

My two girls are 6 and 4 now and sleep like a dream - because I've made sure of it. I wasn't gonna accept that sleep deprivation was part of becoming a parent and neither should you. See the thing that people keep forgetting is babies are human beings just like us and they are designed to sleep. 

I struggled with both my babies, I never got on with breastfeeding because I couldn't stand being needed that much and my husband not being able to help. Turns out it doesn't matter because even when I stopped she still only wanted mummy to settle her and I ended up holding constantly, which again I didn't love - I mean it's okay now and then but all day and night, no thanks!

So I sleep trained that one and thought thank god I never have to do that again, cue daughter number two with her reflux and endless screaming. I tried so much harder to breastfeed her as I really wanted to try this time but she sucked the life out of me, literally. By then she had all the associations going and I did the dummy run one night too many and decided enough was enough.

Sleep training and routine saved my sanity and I want the same for you, don't suffer in silence, thinking you have to endure this sleepless process as just another hard part of motherhood, I am here to educate parents to not accept sleepless nights and give you the knowledge and confidence to teach them to sleep.

Who doesn't wanna wake up refreshed and ready to start the day instead of a zombie who no longer cares about anything other than coffee and bedtime. Its more than 'just sleep' it will help your mental health, physical health and your relationship. I am a much better parent, wife and friend now that I sleep. We're here to live our best lives and to me that starts with the basics, so let's get you all some more sleep. Check out my packages now and jump on a call to discuss which one is right for you.

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