Karen Miller

Certified Baby and Toddler sleep consultant

As a mother of two girls I know only too well the struggles of sleep. My first daughter had a tongue tie and my second had reflux. These issues made feeding difficult and in turn sleep was not something I got much of in the first few months of their lives. Everyone tells you that ‘babies just don’t sleep, so get used to it’. That was not something that sat well with me, I wanted my energy back and didn’t feel I had to wait until my kids were teenagers to get that.

I started to read up about babies sleep and learnt a lot but was keen to learn more which lead me to becoming a certified sleep consultant. There is so much people don’t tell you about becoming a parent but when it comes to sleep, it is possible to have newborns, babies and toddlers who do sleep well and continue to do so.

Almost everyone finds themselves struggling at some point and at their wits end with their children’s sleep and I am passionate about helping people so that they don’t have to struggle.

Sleep deprivation affects everyone, babies and children’s mental and physical development is affected, their attention span will suffer and if they don’t learn to sleep as babies these sleepless nights can continue for many years. Parents will struggle with having the patience and energy to be the parents they want to be and not to mention the pressure it puts on relationships and your mental health.

Let me help and show you that with a few simple changes and my support you too can be sleeping soundly night after night, not to mention have your evenings back, your relationship back and some predictability & structure to your day

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