Early Morning Wake


Monday 7th December 8pm

What will I learn?
  • Understand why your child is waking so early in the morning.

  • Learn the tools I use with my clients to get your child sleeping longer in the morning.

  • How to deal with naps when they wake early in the morning.

  • Age appropriate settling methods to use for your child when they wake early.

  • Tips for staying on track.

Who is it for?

This workshop is for anyone with a baby or toddler aged between 4 months to 4 years that is struggling with early mornings. An early morning wake is starting the day consistently before 6.30am and not going back to sleep.

Have you tried earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, feeding, longer naps, shorter naps and nothing works?

Are you sick of the bedtime battles?

Are you beyond fed up of starting the day at 4/5am every single day, which let's face it, is still the middle of the night!

Are you finding it impossible to settle your child back to sleep once they have woken that early but know they are exhausted for the entire day afterwards but have no idea where to begin?

Book now

The masterclass will be held in a private Facebook group and will be available for catch up until a week later if you can't make it live. You'll have the chance to ask questions at the end of the session.

For just £29 you'll learn everything you need to know to get your child sleeping longer in the morning!!

Please follow the steps below to book...

1. Make your payment of £29 via PayPal here

If you would prefer to pay via Bank Transfer just email me on karenmillerconsultant@gmail.com.

2. Please send a join request to this private Facebook group here where the workshop will be held.

Can't wait to see you there!

Karen xxxx

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