When is the right time to work with a sleep consultant?

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

It still blows my mind that lots of people don't even know sleep consultants exist. I have to remind myself to keep telling my followers who I am and what I do, taking it for granted that they know. But something I do get asked is, when should I work with you? Should I wait until baby gets to a certain age? Should I wait and see if things improve?

The answer to this is whenever you're ready, when you've simply had enough, when you realise that what you're doing is no longer working. But more importantly, when you are ready and willing to make a change. If you want a different result, you have to be ready to take a different action. Sometimes you can't see what that different action needs to be, sometimes you can but you can't be bothered to do it or you're overwhelmed with where to start. Maybe you're just scared to do it alone and just want someone to hold your hand through the process.

You'll Know it's time when.....

You've reached your limit, you'll know when you're done pretending that this is all fine, that you're fine. The fact is very few people are okay with lack of sleep. Lots of people need structure to help them feel more in control of motherhood. To know that you can put your baby down to bed at the end of the day and walk away to spend the evening child free if only for a few hours, should not be under estimated.

I find lots of mothers put off changing things because they are ashamed to reach out and ask for help, fearing judgement and feeling like they are a failure. Yet there is likely more damage done when a mother doesn't reach out and ask for help - her own health will suffer, the child's development can suffer and generally overall your quality of life may be less if you aren't getting the sleep you need.

Sometimes it can take a while to get to the place where you're ready to admit things aren't working, and there is no shame in that. It takes a while for us to realise we can't do it all, that we are only human and we have our limits. Time and time again I see women feeling like they have to take on the world and forget about themselves - at what cost? Eventually something has to give, whether that be your relationship, your friendships or your health.

Change isn't easy!

If it's not working and you want a change get some support. No change is easy, trying to lose weight is more successful if you have a PT or join a weight loss programme, dealing with your finances is easier if you speak to a financial adviser and get some expert advice. Why is it any different when it comes to teaching your baby to sleep? This isn't something they cover on NCT classes and this isn't something the Health Visitors or GPs are trained on so why should you expect yourself to know the answers? So ask yourself now, are you ready and if you are then book a call with me to see how I can support you to make the changes.

I won't tell you to do something you're not comfortable doing, I am not here to give you a one size fits all approach. I take into consideration you as a parent and your Child's temperament to find the ideal solution for you. I help you to make the changes that will ultimately give you a very different reality to the one you're living right now.

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